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In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L. informs users of its website that the personal data collected by the company through the forms on its pages will be entered into an automated file under the responsibility of OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L., for the purpose of facilitating, expediting, and fulfilling the commitments established between the parties.

Your data will be included in a file under the responsibility of OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L., with the aim of managing the processing and execution of your order. If you have previously given your express consent, we will use your email address to send commercial communications. You can unsubscribe from these communications at any time.

Likewise, OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L. informs you of the possibility of exercising your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition by sending a written request to the following address: C/ SANT RAFEL, 122 - PALMA - 07008 (ILLES BALEARS).

As long as the user does not inform OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L. otherwise, the company will understand that the user's data has not been modified, that the user undertakes to notify OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L. of any changes, and that OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L. has the consent to use the data in order to maintain and enhance the relationship between the parties.


OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L., either by itself or as the assignee, is the owner of all intellectual and industrial property rights of its website, as well as the elements contained therein (including, but not limited to, images, sound, audio, video, software, or texts; trademarks or logos, color combinations, structure and design, selection of materials used, computer programs necessary for its operation, access, and use, etc.), which are owned by OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L.. Therefore, they are protected works under Spanish intellectual property laws and regulations, and they are subject to both Spanish and European Union regulations in this field, as well as international treaties on the matter that have been signed by Spain.

All rights reserved. In accordance with the provisions of articles 8 and 32.1, second paragraph, of the Intellectual Property Law, the reproduction, distribution, and public communication, including the availability of the contents of this website, whether in whole or in part, for commercial purposes, on any medium and by any technical means, without the authorization of OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L., is expressly prohibited.

The user agrees to respect the intellectual and industrial property rights owned by OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L.. The user may view and even print, copy, and store the elements of the website on the hard drive of their computer or any other physical medium, solely and exclusively for personal and private use. The user must refrain from deleting, altering, evading, or manipulating any protection device or security system installed on the pages of OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L..


OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L. reserves the right to take the civil or criminal actions it deems appropriate for the improper use of its website and content, or for the violation of these conditions.

The relationship between the user and the provider will be governed by the current regulations and applicable laws in Spanish territory. In the event of any dispute, the parties may submit their conflicts to arbitration or resort to the ordinary jurisdiction, complying with the rules on jurisdiction and competence in this regard. OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L. is domiciled in ILLES BALEARS, Spain.

Social Media Privacy Policy

In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD) and Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSI-CE), OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L. informs users that it has created a profile on the Social Network/s Facebook, Twitter, Google +, primarily for the purpose of advertising its products and services.





The user has a profile on the same Social Network and has decided to join the page created by OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L., thus showing an interest in the information published on the Network. By joining our page, the user gives us consent to process the personal data published on their profile.

The user can access the privacy policies of the Social Network at any time and configure their profile to ensure privacy.

OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L. has access to and processes the user's public information, especially their contact name. These data are only used within the Social Network and are not incorporated into any file.

Regarding the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition, which you have and can exercise before OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L., in accordance with the LOPD, you should take into account the following details:

Access: It will be defined by the functionality of the Social Network and the user's ability to access the profile information.

Rectification: It can only be exercised in relation to information under the control of OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L., for example, deleting comments published on the page. Normally, this right must be exercised with the Social Network.

Cancellation and/or Opposition: As in the previous case, it can only be satisfied in relation to information under the control of OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L., for example, ceasing to be connected to the profile.

OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L. will carry out the following actions:

· Access the user's public profile information.

· Publish on the user's profile any information already published on OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L.'s page.

· Send personal and individual messages through the channels of the Social Network.

· Update the status of the page, which will be published on the user's profile.

The user can always control their connections, delete the content they are no longer interested in, and restrict who they share their connections with by accessing their privacy settings.


Once the user has joined OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L.'s page, they may publish comments, links, images, photographs, or any other type of multimedia content supported by the Social Network. The user must be the owner of the content, have the copyright and intellectual property rights, or have the consent of the affected third parties. Any publication on the page that violates or may violate morals, ethics, good taste, or decorum, and/or infringes, violates, or breaches intellectual or industrial property rights, image rights, or the law is expressly prohibited. In these cases, OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L. reserves the right to immediately remove the content and may request the permanent blocking of the user.

OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L. will not be responsible for the content freely published by a user.

The user should be aware that their publications will be known to other users, so they are primarily responsible for their privacy.

The images that may be published on the page will not be stored in any file by OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L., but they will remain on the Social Network.

Contests and Promotions

OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L. reserves the right to hold contests and promotions in which the user joined to their page can participate. The rules for each of them, when using the Social Network platform, will be published on the platform. Always complying with the LSSI-CE and any other applicable regulations.

The Social Network does not sponsor, endorse, or administer any of our promotions in any way.


OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L. will use the Social Network to advertise its products and services. If it decides to process your contact information for direct commercial prospecting actions, it will always comply with the legal requirements of the LOPD and the LSSI-CE.

Recommending OBRES COMAS BELTRAN S.L.'s page to other users so that they can also enjoy the promotions or be informed of its activity will not be considered advertising.

Below we provide a link to the privacy policy of the Social Network:



Google +:

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