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    Structures and structural reinforcements

    At Obres Comas Beltran, we have a highly skilled team of professionals for construction and renovation projects. With over 20 years of specialized experience, we have successfully completed projects throughout the island of Mallorca, ensuring quality and profitability in all our works. Our infrastructure allows us to handle every aspect of a project, from excavation to the finest finishes, guaranteeing high-quality execution. Trust us to bring your construction and renovation projects to life.

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    Rigor, accuracy and care in work are qualities that we offer to our clients, assuring them the utmost seriousness and commitment in all our projects.


    The professionalism of our team is what pushes us to improve day by day and be more capable and efficient.


    Obres OCB complies with all the quality and solvency standards provided by law, guaranteeing our clients that they will obtain our quality guarantee.


    The basis of our activity is the honesty with which we treat our clients, since honesty and trust always go hand in hand.

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    Structures and structural reinforcements

    In the 'Structures and Structural Reinforcements' section, we specialize in performing various types of structural reinforcements using the best repair techniques. We carry out rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures, anchoring, and structural reinforcements through the projection of high-strength mortar. Trust our expertise to strengthen and ensure the durability of your structures.

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